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Creating an ideal living space together

Over the past 15 years Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens became the trusted cupboard specialist in the Vaal Triangle – for creating designer kitchens, installing built-in cupboards and delivering on the best quality in materials and workmanship. Not only are we able to completely outfit any fully fitted kitchen and built in kitchen cupboards, but we also assist our clients with the process from design.. to manufacturing.. to making the necessary kitchen renovations… to installing your dream kitchen. And for that matter: in doing the same for your bedroom, bathroom, study or any space where you want to fit a beautiful and functioning cupboard.

If you’ve always dreamed about having a beautifully outfitted kitchen, or perhaps upgrading an out-of-date one, Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens should be your first port of call.

And if you decide to use our expertise in creating beautiful and functional kitchens and built-in cupboards, you will find the exact road map of the process we will follow to create and install your kitchen and/or built-in cupboards below

1.  We will come to your home/office for a free consultation on your planned kitchen and/or built-in cupboards

To help you design and install your ideal kitchen or built-in cupboards, we must understand your dreams/ideals, the constraints of the space where you want to install the cupboards, the colours of your cupboards, the type of surfaces you would prefer, and the renovations/alterations that need to be done to install your dream kitchen and/or other built-in cupboards.

The goal of the free consultation is to understand your needs… to add our expertise… and then together to decide on the best possible options (in looks and functionality) to create and install your dream kitchen/built-in cupboards.

2.  We will measure all areas and advise you on the best materials and design possibilities for your kitchen/cupboards

Once we understand your dreams and constraints, we will advise you on ways you can best use the available space, on materials that will best suit the installation and on layouts that will make the best use of the available space. We will help you to make the built-in cupboards both great looking  and highly functional. During this process the goal is to reach a provisional idea of a plan for the kitchen and/or built-in cupboards you want to install.

Once we have reached this goal, we will do all the measurements to design the kitchen or cupboards to fit into the available space. And according to your specifications.

3.  We will create a three dimensional, visual model of the layout and looks of your planned kitchen/built-in cupboards

After we created the concept and layout of your kitchen and/or built-in cupboards together, we go home and start working on the computer. We put the exact measurements, colours, surfaces and alterations we talked about into a high tech computer program and then we create an almost real looking representation of your kitchen and/or cupboards. In a three dimensional model you can look at on the computer.

By doing this we give you a much better visualization of how your installation will look like when it is finished. You will see all the alterations, cupboards, colours, etc. And it wil feel like you are walking through your new kitchen… or other room that you want the built-in cupboards to be installed in.

4.  We will send you a quotation for the work on the kitchen/cupboards you want to install

Once we have finalized the plan for your new kitchen or built-in cupboards -and you are happy with it) – it is time to give us the go ahead. Then we use all our carefull preparation/ measurements to create an itemized quote for the work. And (because we are both cupboard builders and kithen remodelers) we will include all the work (as agreed upon) that needs to be done in the quote. Including plumbing, floors, walls that you want to remove, installing a stove, etc.

We will also give you clear instructions as to how the money is to be paid at the start (the deposit), and during the project.

5.  We will source the materials and manufacture your kitchen/cupboards in our factory

As soon as we have received the deposit for your kitchen/built-in cupboards will start to source the necessary materials… to custom build your cupboards at our factory… and to get everything ready to do the installation as quickly as possible – with as little as possible discomfort to you.

The goal is to create your kitchen/ built-in cupboards to as close to the required spesifications as possible – leaving only minor changes/alterations that need to be made on site.

6.  We will install your kitchen/cupboards, do a quality control inspection and clean up afterwards

During installation their will – as with all home renovations – arise some challenges that need to be adressed. We come fully prepared for any such challenges. And we will always consult with you about it.

When the kitchen/built-in cupboards are installed, we do a detailed quality inspection to see that everything is perfect… get your stamp of approval… and then we make sure that we clean up properly afterwards.

And, if needed, we come back to fix anything that was not done to the agreed upon specifications and/or standars. Making sure that you are happy with the installation.

Renovating your kitchen and/or built-in kitchen cupboards

There are many reasons for homeowners to renovate their kitchen. For some it is just to update the style. For others it is more focused on improving the functionality. And in some cases renovation is necessary due to the age of the home. Regardless of the reasons to renovate, most homeowners know that there will be certain benefits from undertaking the project of renovating the kitchen and/or built-in cupboards.

The fact is: Your kitchen is probably the heart of your home. It is also the room in your house that has the highest traffic throughout each and every day. From breakfast before school to making a cup of coffee to preparing meals for the whole family, the kitchen handles it all.

And today’s modern kitchen is often the focus point in many homes and needs to play a multi-functional role. In many cases your kitchen also represents the greatest value of your house.

It therefore makes sense to invest in making your kitchen an inviting place for family and friends. And for added value when it comes to selling your home.

Taking modern design ideas, space and budget into consideration, the modern kitchen design should be practical, visually appealing and comfortable, meeting it’s intended purpose and providing a social space for the entire family.

Professional kitchen designs incorporate a layout and look to suit the taste of the individual, while taking advantage of the available space. Elegant textures, finishes and lighting all combine to produce an environment that is eye-catching yet functional. With a range of fine finishes and accessories, your new or refurbished kitchen could be the Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Considerations when planning your kitchen and/or built-in kitchen cupboards

Remodeling the kitchen is a large investment in the value of your home. And it can be one of the biggest remodeling projects you can undertake – primarily because it requires so many decisions to be made about so many details.

Remodeling your kitchen begins with understanding your needs – considering (amongst other things) the following:

  • Do some walls have to be knocked down to create an open floorplan living-dining-kitchen, or do you simply want to rearrange your existing space to be more functional and harmonious?
  • Are there passionate cooks among you? Do you need new appliances to make life easier? Are you preparing meals for a large family… or eating simply most days… and then sometimes have a house full of guests?
  • Do you need a double sink for lots of dishes or maybe one of the stylish farmhouse sinks?
  • How many stoves, fridges, etc. need to be accommodated in the plan?
  • How much space do you want to be dedicate to pantry and storage, and how much should be reserved for foot traffic, kids, neighbors, dogs and parties?

That’s why you want an experienced team beside you when making these decisions. Jo’s Excuisite Kitchens has over 15 years of experience in remodeling kitchens, from the grand estates to the snug and modern urban contemporary apartments.

And we embrace the challenge of helping your family get the kitchen you want at a cost that makes sense for you given your unique situation and goals.

When we help you plan your kitchen, we give attention to:

  • Your vision of the space.
  • Your overall lifestyle and what demands your kitchen needs to meet.
  • The amount of space available and possibilities for expansion.
  • The location of windows and how to get the best natural light in the space.
  • How your kitchen connects to the rooms around it.
  • Your overall home and the type of remodel that makes sense from an investment and also from a construction perspective.
  • Your overall budget

Once we have worked with you to explore these important factors, and others, the design process truly begins. And this is where we can be especially helpful. Jo’s Excuisite Kitchens provides expert advice to help you pick out each and every element of your new kitchen. And still somehow stay within your budget.

Designing your kitchen and/or built-in kitchen cupboards

As far as the design is concerned, we will help you to give attention to all the necessary elements of your new kitchen, including:

1. The flooring for your kitchen

Your kitchen floor needs to withstand foot traffic and potential spills, drops, and cooking accidents, so we consider durability and maintenance as well as aesthetics when choosing flooring. That said, floors also play an integral part in tying the room together visually, so it is important to choose something aesthetically pleasing.

Options may be: porcelain tiles, hardwood, Limestone, Slate, etc.

2. The cabinets in your kitchen

Cabinets establish a visual theme and help define the style for your entire kitchen. The design, construction and installation of cabinetry can also be some of the most time-consuming aspects of a kitchen remodeling project.

It’s not always necessary to invest in luxury cabinets to get high-quality features and quality craftsmanship. Some moderately priced cabinets offer organizational solutions like drawers instead of doors and built-in features such as spice racks and organizers.

Cabinet design also helps make use of the dead space that can occur in the way back of cabinets. Great design can help you put it to use when you are in the process of creating custom cabinetry. A pie-corner base cabinet pulls out and maximizes the space or an old-fashioned Lazy Susan spins and easily brings pantry items to the front.

3. The countertops you use in your kitchen

Along with the cabinets, countertops set a visual tone and help define the kitchen’s style. We work with clients to choose materials that not only reflect their style, but are in harmony with how they’ll use their kitchens.

Granite is often on the wish-list for homebuyers and remodelers alike. In addition, new engineered stone products are replacing granite in high-end design. They not only offer a luxurious-looking, granite-like surface but can be stain-resistant and very durable. Other countertop materials include:

  • Granite
  • quartz
  • Formica Tops (Chipboard Centre)

4. The appliances you need in your kitchen

The design of the kitchen and your desire for specific appliances are shaped in tandem. Many spaces can accommodate an oversized refrigerator or industrial cooktop if the design is created around these goals from the very beginning. The appliances to keep in mind are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Cooktop
  • Sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Range hood

5. The colours you want to incorporate in your kitchen

Cabinets and countertops come in a wide array of colours. We will show you all the possibilities and help you choose the colours that will match and that will perfectly tailor your kitchen to what you need and want.

All aspects of a kitchen remodel need to be taken into consideration before we begin. Jo’s Excuisite Kitchens will take some of the pressure off of you when it comes to all of these decisions, as we can guide you through every step of the way. Our skilled and experienced team are ready and willing to help you make your dream kitchen a reality.

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